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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City woman who admits shooting and killing her husband may serve just four months in jail after a Jackson County judge sentenced Charleatha Nevins to what’s called “shock time”.

Judge John Torrence sentenced her to 120 days in the Jackson County Detention Center. Nevins was 28 when she shot her 25-year old husband Eric Nevins on February 13, 2012. The two had been arguing about a credit card when she shot him in the 3400 block of Forest Avenue.

“She knew what she was doing. She had every intent to shoot him,” said Taloni Miller, the victim’s sister.

Miller is furious with the sentence. She says her former sister-in-law got a slap on the wrist.

“I wish someone would make sense out of it for me ’cause I can’t make sense out of it.”

Court records indicate Charleatha Nevins followed her husband in her car for six blocks. Nevins told police she was angry about a credit card, but even after her husband gave her the credit card, she continued to yell at him from her car as he walked away on foot.

At one point, Nevins told detectives her husband jumped in front of her car, then ran to the driver’s window and started punching her. Nevins said her husband saw a gun she’d been hiding on her lap and tried to grab it. Nevins says she accidentally pulled the trigger during the struggle and shot her husband in the chest.

Taloni Williams told FOX 4 there’s no reason to believe Nevins’ story.

“There was no signs of bruises when they examined her that evening she had not a scratch,” Williams said.

Police reports confirm Nevins had no marks from an alleged physical altercation and detectives wrote there were ” “no powder burns, gun powder residue or stippling observed on the victim’s clothing or hand” to indicated a struggle over the gun.

FOX 4 asked Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker for her reaction to the judge’s sentence of a 120 days “shock time.

“In this case it is a disappointing result,” said Baker. “Justice is a very elusive thing. It is very, very had to get sometimes.”

Baker’s office originally charged Nevins with 2nd Degree Murder, which can carry a life prison term. Ultimately, her office agreed to a plea deal of Involuntary Manslaughter, thinking Nevins would receive 7 years in prison.

“She absolutely deserved 7 years and I think really the judge said it best, ‘She brought a handgun to this situation, she was the only one that did that, that was her choice,'” said Baker.

Judge John Torrence declined our interview request but FOX 4 obtained the transcripts from the sentencing where Torrence admitted, “This was a reckless act that senselessly took the life of a man for no good reason.”

Taloni Williams said Judge Torrence showed her family, “No justice, he gave our family no justice, none!”

Eric Nevins left behind 4 children including a baby girl he never met. His wife was 4-months pregnant on the day she shot him. It’s possible Nevins could still serve 7 years if she misbehaves during her “shock time.” But if she behaves well while in the detention center, Charleatha Nevins could go home in August.

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