Pregnant woman seen in video being arrested by Kansas City officer breaks her silence


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local 9-month pregnant woman is speaking out after a social media video last week many argue shows a Kansas City officer putting his knee into the woman’s back while taking her into custody.

Deja Stallings was two weeks away from giving birth when she was kneeled on by an officer during an arrest. Police say, they were trying to break up a fight and she intervened.

Protestors have been at Kansas City Hall since last Friday and they say they aren’t going anywhere until their demands are met.

Since the arrest last Wednesday, dozens have camped at city hall to demand change but also to support Deja.

Deja’s mother said she broke down when she saw the video. She is outraged that more has not been done for her daughter.

“When I found out about this, the first person that I called was the mayor,” her mom said. “His secretary told me that he was too busy to speak with me about the situation that happened with my child.”

Deja addressed the media but was too emotional to continue.

“My baby girl has not even been born yet, and she is a victim of the police,” Deja said.

Police say prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine if any charges should be filed.

“So we are not naming that officer,” Jacob Becchina with KCPD said. “The officer is currently on duty. On full duty. There is no restrictions or anything like that.”

The officer in question is still on duty at this time and hasn’t faced any punitive action.



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