Prescription drug monitoring program moves forward in Missouri Senate


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri is the only state in the county without a statewide prescription drug monitoring program, but that could soon change.

The Senate approved legislation Tuesday evening allowing physicians and pharmacists to track prescriptions.

The prescription drug monitoring program, known as PDMP, legislation is sponsored by Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston) who has been working to pass this legislation for nine years.

The goal of the measure is to prevent overdoses and opioid addiction.

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Senate Bill 63 establishes a “Joint Oversight Task Force for Prescription Drug Monitoring” made up of licensed healthcare professionals that would oversee the database.

Currently, more than half the state uses St. Louis County’s PDMP program, which is through a third-party vendor. This will be phased out over time once the state’s program is in place.

Before a vendor is selected, they must agree to the terms of the bill, including how information is shared.

Rehder said SB 63 does now allow information in the database to prevent someone from owning a firearm or be used in a search warrant.

If passed through the House and signed by the governor, starting Aug. 28, 2023, the vendor can only keep a person’s information for up to three years. It would be up to the physician or pharmacist to enter a patient’s information into the database within 24 hours of prescribing medication.

Eleven Republicans joined the nine Democrats to pass Rehder’s legislation Tuesday.

The Senate spent six hours on the legislation last week to perfect the measure.

SB 63 now heads to the House for approval where Rehder spent her time as a representative pushing for this legislation.



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