President: Gun lobby lied about the gun background checks bill

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- President Obama was clearly disappointed and resentful Wednesday in a speech he gave outside the White House about the Senate's failure to pass a bill to expand background checks on gun sales.

"A few months ago in response to too many tragedies,. including the shootings of a United States congresswoman, Gabby Giffords who is here with us today; and the murders of 20 innocent school children and their teachers, this country took up the cause of protecting more of our people from gun violence.

Families who know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their legislators.
Not just to honor the memory of their children but to protect the lives of all of our children.

A few minutes ago, a minority in the U.S. Senate decided it wasn't worth it. They blocked common sense gun reforms even as these families looked on from the Senate gallery."

"But instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. They claimed it would create some sort of Big Brother gun registry... even though the bill did the opposite.

This legislation outlawed any registry. Plain and simple right there in the text. but that didn't matter. And unfortunately this pattern of spreading untruths about this legislation served a purpose. Because those lies upset an intense minority of gun owners and that in turn intimidated a lot of Senators," the President said.

"So all and all it was a pretty shameful day for Washington."

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The President said the fight is not over.

"If this Congress refuses to listen to the American people ... the real impact is going to have to come from the voters," he said.




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