President of Boulevard Brewing Co. resigns amid company harassment allegations

Picture of Boulevard Brewing Co.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Boulevard Brewing Co.’s president resigned on Wednesday following accusations that sexual harassment was pervasive at the company and went unchecked by top officials for years. 

The company’s founder, John McDonald, released this statement on Jan. 27, 2021:

Effective immediately, we have accepted the resignation of Jeff Krum as President of Boulevard Brewing Company and Duvel USA. We recognize we have a long path ahead of us not only for our employees but the Kansas City community and beyond.

John McDonald

Jeff Krum stepped down after 26 years, The Kansas City Star reported. He had led the brewery since 2016. 

“As president, one of my oversight responsibilities was to ensure that all our workplaces were free of any form of real or perceived harassment or demonstrations of unwanted attention,” Krum told employees in an email obtained by The Star.

Two other top officials at Boulevard resigned this week after a viral post on Reddit from a woman who said she is a former employee detailed instances of harassment against women who worked there.

FOX4 is working on finding out more. We have contacted company leadership and hope to speak to someone on the matter later today.



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