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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just days after the Kansas City Chiefs clinched the AFC West title, a lifelong fan had rare sports memorabilia stolen from his Northland home.

Danny Stephens believes burglars were watching and waiting until he and his wife left for work Tuesday morning before breaking into their home and ransacking every room.

He came home around 11 a.m. during his lunch break to find his back door bashed in, giving the thieves free reign over their house.

“I walked upstairs and found everything laying all over the floors and all the bedrooms,” Danny said. “They hit every bedroom we had.”

The thieves emptied out drawers and stole everything from his and his wife’s birth certificates and passports, to credit cards and family heirloom jewelry.

“I think they were just getting anything they could get to sell real quick and make some money,” Danny said.

Among the items stolen were two collector’s items close to Danny’s heart – Hall of Fame footballs signed by Super Bowl MVPs Marcus Allen and Len Dawson.

“Knowing that there was only 300 or 400 of those footballs made by each one of those when they went into the Hall of Fame,” he said, “to have it stolen, it hurts.”

The lifelong Chiefs fan calls the footballs “priceless” and calls the burglary, “Terrible, disgusting. I mean, I think anybody that wants to come in and take somebody else`s stuff, they need to find a job… Don`t try to live off of somebody else.”

It’s a crime that has devastated his wife, Debbie.

“How can this happen?” she asked. “You hear about things like this happening to other people. But you don`t ever envision it happening to you.”

Debbie also had irreplaceable items stolen, including her mother’s ashes that were stored in a small heart-shaped box on her nightstand.

“That was the only nicknack-type thing that was stolen,” she said. “And that was probably the one that had the most sentimental value to me.”

The burglary has rocked the couple’s sense of safety – now making them feel violated in their own home.

“When you get personal with people,” Danny said, “that`s when it hurts, because you can’t replace a lot of those things.”

Kansas City police are investigating the case, but have yet to make an arrest. So the Stephens family is hoping some of you might see their stolen items posted for sale online since those signed footballs will certainly stick out.

If you notice anything, they’re asking you call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.