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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When the city refused to reimburse a Kansas City man for tire damage caused by a pothole, Corey Black called Problem Solvers.

Black, who busted his tire after hitting a large pothole under the Independence Avenue bridge, said he spent $165 to get the damage repaired. He filed a claim for the damage after locating a report of a pothole under that same bridge from a month prior on the city’s own 3-1-1 website.

But Kansas City refused to pay his claim, saying it had no advance notice that the pothole existed.

“I feel like they are in the wrong,” Black told Problem Solvers in July.

After Problem Solvers pointed out Black’s discovery, the city reopened his claim. On Wednesday, he contacted Problem Solvers to inform he had received a check in the mail for the damage.

“Problem solved,” he said in a text message on Wednesday.