After paying for car in full, local woman still waiting to get title one year later

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri woman paid for a car in full last January but is still waiting for the title. 

What should have been a simple transaction involving an auto finance company has dragged on so long that she called FOX4 Problem Solvers for help.

“We leased a car for my granddaughter, and the lease was about to run out. And we received a letter from the leasing company saying we could buy the car or turn it in,” said Karen Malone, a recent widow.

Wanting to make sure her granddaughter continued to have a car, Malone paid for the 2017 Hyundai Elantra in full, a total of $12,697.

She expected to receive the title from the finance company not long after. That was a year ago, and she still doesn’t have it.

For months, she told Problem Solvers, she has called Hyundai Finance trying to find out where the title is.

“After several tries, I finally got a hold of somebody in Plano, Texas,” Malone said. “They said, ‘Yes it was here, but it was sent to California.'” 

“I got hold of somebody in California and they said, ‘Oh we sent that to Atlanta.'”

Malone called Hyundai Finance in Atlanta, which promised to send the title to her. 

“I gave them the address,” she said. “I never got it.”

Malone then sought help from her bank, Community America, where she’d taken out a loan to by the car. Hyundai Finance told Community America it could not send the title until it received an odometer reading on the car — something Malone said the bank had already sent months earlier.

“So we sent it to them again,” Malone said.

Hyundai Finance then promised her the title would be sent to her in 10 working days. That was in October.

She still doesn’t have it. That’s why she called FOX4 Problem Solvers. 

We thought the easiest way to solve this problem would be to elicit the help of Northtowne Hyundai who originally leased the car to Malone. The good folks at Northtowne Hyundai, who were not involved in the purchase of the car, tried to help track down that elusive title. They emailed and called Hyundai Finance on Malone’s behalf. 

That’s how we learned that Hyundai Finance had mailed the title to Malone back in November — but to an old address. 

Hyundai Finance promised it would resend the title. But when exactly? The car’s tags have expired and time was of the essence.

That’s why we went straight to the top and called the only phone number we could find for an executive office at Hyundai Finance – Investor Relations. Problem Solvers left a message, and later that day we heard from Hyundai Finance’s corporate communication’s team who told us the company was sorry for the delay and was committed to solving this problem quickly.

Here’s the good news. On Monday, Malone received the paperwork she needed from Hyundai Finance to apply for a duplicate title from the state of Missouri. 

A very relieved Malone said she was hopeful that this was now a problem solved.




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