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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Megan Nelson is a hard working mom of four and the latest unhappy customer of used car salesman Greg Bolton.

“I gave him $3,400 and he told me that the vehicle would be ready the next day,” Nelson said.

That was in May and Nelson has never seen the car.

“It took me a long time to earn that money and it’s just gone and he don’t even care,” said Nelson who works as a home health aide.

Nelson is one of a growing number of Greg Bolton customers who have contacted FOX4 Problem Solvers for help after becoming the victim of a bad car deal.

Bolton is a Kansas City rapper, who goes by Mon E G, and advertises his cars on Facebook.

Bolton doesn’t have a license to sell cars, so he connects with people who do, using their good name to sell his often bad cars.

The last time Problem Solvers did a story on Bolton he was operating from a lot off of Blue Parkway in Kansas City. It has since cut ties with Bolton.

Nelson said Bolton is now selling cars using the name of a different car lot, RPM Auto Sales in Spring Hill. Nelson showed us paperwork from RPM for another car she and her fiancée purchased from Bolton last year.

FOX4 Problem Solvers then called Bolton, trying to get Nelson’s $3,400 back. Bolton never called us back. In fact, in the three stories we have done on Bolton he’s never once returned our calls.

Problem Solvers then paid a visit to RPM Auto Sales. A man in the office told us owner Joshua Fultz was not in.

But shortly after we left, Fultz called us. He denied that Bolton sells cars for him and insisted that every deal with his car lot’s name on it is legit. Fultz, however, acknowledged that he knows Bolton. He promised us Nelson would get her money back. 

Fultz kept his word. A week later, Fultz gave Nelson every single dollar she was owed.

As far as Greg Bolton, Fultz said he’s no longer welcome at RPM Auto Sales.