Another Kansas City family falls victim to rental scam, moves into already-leased home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A family is desperate for a place to live after moving into a house that isn’t theirs.

On Monday, FOX4 told you about a woman who realized she was scammed before she moved into a Kansas City home. Turns out the same guy who scammed her, scammed another metro family, except they didn’t realize it until it was too late.

“I saw your story just a day late,” Ricky Hullaby said. “If I would’ve seen it Sunday, we wouldn’t have moved out and moved over here.”

Hullaby said he was looking for the perfect house in a quiet neighborhood, so he went to and found one.

“There’s a downstairs,” Hullaby said. “There’s a big deck. There’s a big deck in the bathroom. Nice area and nice schools.”

The father of five said he and his wife, Antoinette, were conversing with a guy named Moss about the home.

“He sent a lease for it,” Hullaby said. “We did the application and waited a little bit for him to do the credit check. He came back and said you guys are approved.”

Hullaby said they paid Moss a combined $1,600 for April and May’s rent with a $600 deposit. But when they moved in on Monday, Hullaby said he got an uneasy feeling.

“I was hoping it wasn’t true, but as the lady did Monday, I called the realtor office and they confirmed it,” Hullaby said.

MainStreet Renewal, the actual real estate agency, told Hullaby he was scammed and the person who just bought the house was moving in on Sunday.

FOX4 called the scammer, and he told us he would call us back after he called MainStreet Renewal about the confusion.

While we were waiting for Moss to call us back, the couple who is legitimately moving into the house this week stopped by.

“Oh, snap what are we gone do?” renter Charnice Lowry said. “Like, we have to be out of our previous address at a certain time.”

Lowry said her realtor told her a family that was scammed moved into her new home, so she had to come to see it for herself.

“It was shocking to me. Like it was real, you know. It was really real,” Lowry said.

Meanwhile, Hullaby said he doesn’t plan on putting up a fight, but he doesn’t have anywhere for his family to go.

The real estate agent told the renters that the Hullabys have rights and the only way to get them to leave is through an eviction. But the Hullabys said that won’t be necessary.

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