Boundary line bickering leads Clay County, Liberty to staring contest over road repairs

Problem Solvers

LIBERTY, Mo. — It’s a Clay County road with so many craters it looks like the dark side of the moon. 

“You can see where they’ve been dragging all along here,” said Mike Sisson, pointing out the marks left by cars that have bottomed out.

Sisson has lived here since 2005 and every year,  he said, the road gets worse. 

NE 112th Street is in major disrepair, and the center of a dispute between Clay County and Liberty.

“It’s the entire length of the road, not just one small spot,” said Sisson, who shares a comfortable ranch house on five acres with his family.

Sisson has tried complaining to the city of Liberty, but was told 112th Street is a Clay County road.

“So we called the county and talked to a secretary, and the secretary said, ‘we are in negotiations with the city to maintain the road,'” Sisson recalled.

But when he called the city of Liberty (again), the city told him it had no idea what he was talking about. 

If you need more proof of the contentious nature of this county/city road dispute, just check out the signs. 

The city has placed a sign showing that city road maintenance ends right before NE 112th Street begins. The county has a sign showing its jurisdiction begins at exactly the spot where 112th Street ends.

One might believe that NE 112th Street is “no man’s land,” except a state highway department map indicates differently. It clearly shows that NE 112th Street belongs to Clay County.

We pointed that out to the Clay County Road Department, but were told the road is not on the county’s maintenance list.

FOX4 Problem Solvers then called Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte, who said that despite what the map shows, Clay County still believes Liberty taxpayers should help share the burden of repairing the road. He insisted the county has been in negotiations with the city for more than a year.

Why would Liberty agree to help pay to repair a road that belongs to Clay County?

Liberty Public Works Director Sherri McIntyre said the city is willing to share some of the costs because 112th Street is a boundary line between the city and the county.

The good news is that after FOX4 Problem Solvers started asking questions, the two sides reached an agreement to fix the road this week. The Clay County Commission is expected to vote on that agreement as early as Monday.

We’ll keep you posted.



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