GLADSTONE, Mo. – It was an outpouring of love for the Costelow family after a FOX4 Problem Solver report detailed how they had been cheated out of $500 by a hot tub repairman.

The Costelows paid repairman Rick Harvey a hefty deposit for a new motor two months ago, but they’ve never seen him since.

Problem Solvers was well aware of Rick Harvey when the Costelows contacted us. Harvey had earned a spot in our Problem Solver Hall of Shame after multiple customers accused him of taking their money but never doing the work.

But what made this latest scam particularly loathsome was that the Costelows had received the hot tub from Make-A-Wish to help their son who has Angelman Syndrome. It’s a genetic disease that has robbed him of his ability to walk and speak.

Knowing that both police and prosecutors have never been able to stop Harvey, who has been pulling this same scam for years, Problem Solvers sought out a different solution.

FOX4 contacted Pepper’s Pool and Spa, in Gladstone, the same community where the Costelow’s live. Manager Kim Goldsbury said Pepper’s would be happy to help.

Pepper’s Pool and Spa immediately sent out a technician to the Costelow’s home.

“He (John) went out there and took a pump with him. (He determined) this pump is going to work, and he replaced it,” said Goldsbury, who never charged the Costelows a dime.

Cherri Costelow turned on the hot tub to show a news crew how well the hot tub was running with the new motor.

“It’s working great,” said Costelow, who added that her son has already been able to use it. 

Costelow said she was overwhelmed by the outpouring of help that followed after her story aired on FOX4.

“It had gotten to the point where we thought maybe nobody cared,” she said.

Not only did Pepper’s come to the rescue, but three other companies also offered their services.

“We were contacted by somebody in Colorado who was willing to drive out here and help us,” said Costelow, shaking her head in disbelief.

But thanks to a local company, the Costelow spa is back in perfect order.

“Pepper’s has a new customer,” Costelow said.

Unbelievably enough, the Costelows continue to get text messages from disgraced hot tub repairman Rick Harvey. He has continued to promise the Costelows he will deliver them a new motor “as soon as he can.”

But it’s been more than two months. The Costelows just want their money back.