Customers complain about construction work cut short by company

Problem Solvers
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Problem Solvers want to serve a warning about a construction company that customers accuse of taking their money, but not finishing the job.

When people contacted FOX 4 complaining about this company, the first thing they mentioned was that our logo was on CMD Construction's website.

We checked it out and sure enough, the FOX 4 logo was on the website of CMD Concrete Construction. It was Doug Faught who notified us about this company that was using the FOX 4 logo without permission.

“It looked like you are supporting him, that got me upset,” Faught said.

He was upset because CMD Construction left Faught with a mess on his hands.

“This was all tore up and I had to clean it up myself,” he said.

Faught has filed suit against CMD’s owner, Rick Huddleston, for taking $2,200 from him, but not finishing the job. According to the lawsuit, Huddleston was supposed to build a pergola for Faught and install a pad and a fence for his hot tub.

The fence got built, but the pad was put in without a drain and will have to be fixed. The pergola was never built, plus a subcontractor was never paid.

“It's not right for somebody to intentionally do that to somebody,” Faught said.

Faught said his biggest mistake was paying Huddleston before the job was done.

This wasn't Problem Solvers first complaint about Rick Huddleston, who also goes by Ralph, and pleaded guilty in 2008 on theft charges. Huddleston has done business under a variety of names and has the lawsuits to prove it.

Problem Solvers called Huddleston to get his side. Huddleston blamed Doug Faught, saying he had violated the contract. But when we asked for a copy of the contract, Huddleston refused, so we got a copy from Faught. We could not find any language that supported Huddleston's claims.

Faught knows he may spend more on an attorney going after Huddleston than it's worth. But as a special education teacher, he's trying to follow the advice he gives his students: Always stand up for yourself.

"We teach our kids about self-advocacy. You believe in something. You go after something,” Faught said.

Watch out Rick Huddleston, Doug Faught isn't going away.

Huddleston said anyone upset with his work should not discuss it on TV, but take him to court. That's not so easy as it's very difficult to find Mr. Huddleston to serve him with a subpoena. As far as our logo on Huddleston’s website? He said had an advertising agreement with FOX 4. But no one at FOX 4 had ever heard of Rick Huddleston or CMD Construction before this story aired.

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