LIBERTY, Mo. –  In June, Chanickqwa Griffin told FOX4 Problem Solvers that she, along with dozens of people in her Clay County neighborhood, had not received mail for an entire week.

It wasn’t just bills and letters that weren’t arriving, but $400 worth of packages – something Griffin counts on as a vital element of her home-based business.

FOX4 Problem Solvers received assurances from the postal service that Griffin’s problem would be handled.

Five months later, she still hasn’t received a single package or dime for the money she spent on them.

“I’ve spent so much time, energy and even more money on this issue,” she said in a text message.

Griffin can’t collect on the insurance she purchased for her packages because the postal service’s online tracking system shows them as delivered.

The postal service admitted to Problem Solvers last summer that this was most likely a mistake.

Mark Inglett, a spokesman for the postal service, told Problem Solvers that he would make sure Griffin gets that insurance money, but just this month, the post office denied her claim.

“The last couple of emails I have sent, haven’t been responded to,” she said. “I will send another tomorrow to let them know I am appealing.”

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who sits on the committee that oversees the post office, has promised to help Missourians having problems with the post office.

We put Griffin in touch with him, as well as Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, in hopes of getting this problem solved.