Excuse happy contractor finds himself a place in Hall of Shame

Problem Solvers
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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Injuries caused by a motorcycle accident were keeping him from working. That was the first excuse that Carol Morris heard from the contractor she’s paid $2,800 to install windows in her Independence home.

Morris, a widow, felt bad for the apparently injured contractor and agreed to wait until he recovered. So you can imagine her surprise when she ran into him at a graduation party.

“He looked fine,” said Morris, 74. “He wasn’t on crutches or anything.”

After that she started regularly calling him, asking when she could expect her windows to be installed. He always had an answer.

“‘I’ll be over on Tuesday,'” Morris said he would often tell her.

“His favorite day was Tuesday,” she said.

But month, after month, Tuesday never came.

What did come was a lien filed against Morris by a subcontractor who installed guttering on the home. Morris paid $900 for the guttering job to that same missing in action contractor. The gutter company said it never got the money, although the contractor cashed the check at Morris’ bank.

“I felt like a fool that I would allow someone to do that to me,” Morris said, realizing she’d been taken.

The someone she is referring to is Joshua Fisher of Fisher Remodeling in Raytown. Fox 4 Problem Solvers called Fisher to get his side of the story. He blamed Morris, saying she kept changing her mind as to whether she wanted the windows installed or her money back.

Problem Solvers couldn’t understand why Fisher was confused about what Morris wanted since he had received a letter two months ago from Morris’ attorney clearly stating he was to immediately refund Morris the entire $2,800 she paid him.

When we tried to ask Fisher about that, he hung up on us.

So Joshua L. Fisher, for taking money from an elderly widow and not even bothering to do the work, and then shamelessly trying to place the blame on her, you and your company are now official members of the Fox 4 Problem Solvers Hall of Shame.



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