KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and for the people out there looking to buy a last minute gift, “buyer beware.”

A new scam is targeting people who are looking for a discount.

Cyber security expert Yoav Keren showed us what a fake Kate Spade website looked like Thursday that shoppers are falling victim to. The website has a “Shop Mothers Day” link you can click on, aimed at getting last minute Mother’s Day shoppers to buy from their site.

“You don’t check that it’s the real one. You click and quickly buy, and then your money’s gone,” Keren said in an interview with FOX4 Wednesday.

Keren is the CEO of BrandShield. He said shoppers are seeing ads on social media, but those ads aren’t always legitimate. If you’re going to buy something through one of those ads, he has advice for anyone who clicks on one.

“Make sure that you can go to the same place directly from the website, the main website, and not just through the ad,” he continued. “Otherwise, it’s a scam.”

When it comes to Kate Spade, the real website is katespade.com. The fake website has just four extra letters, katespadeinus.com. The company would not comment on the scam.

Keren said spelling errors are a common sign that the website you’re on is fake, and just because there’s the lock symbol next to the URL, it doesn’t mean the website you’re on is legitimate.

It only means you’re communicating with somebody on the other end in a secure way. The communication may be secure. The person on the other end may not be legitimate.

“Probably more easy than you’d think,” Country Club Plaza shopper Brett Carpenter said Wednesday when asked if he felt like it’d be easy for somebody to fall victim to this scam.

“You get somebody that’s in a rush that is a little more naive or is a little more gullable I guess you could say, it wouldn’t be far fetched. They think it’s a good price, last minute like scalping tickets.”

The National Retail Federation says consumers plan to spend $274 per person for Mother’s Day, the highest in the history of the survey.