KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Anita Rodriguez says she’ll never buy a car off Facebook Marketplace again and doesn’t think anyone else should either.

The car she and her 16-year-old son Aiden bought two weeks ago has been stuck in a tow lot almost since the day they bought it. Police impounded the car because the temp tag on the back was fake.

Rodriguez said she got the temp tag from the man who sold her and her son a 2005 Chevy Equinox for $1,800 cash. Although the transaction took place at a McDonald’s, they said the man assured them he worked for a dealership on 18th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We test drove it,” Rodriguez said. “Everything checked out OK. He had a title.”

Besides a fake temp tag, here’s where the story gets even worse.

When Anita tried to get the car registered, so she could get it out of the tow lot, a Kansas motor vehicle inspector told her she didn’t have the correct paperwork.

“She tells me I’m missing a Missouri reassignment form,” Rodriguez recalled.

Missouri dealerships have to provide that form to out-of-state buyers. But, like most people, neither Rodriguez nor her son had any idea they needed that form.

Rodriguez immediately called the seller, only to discover he had blocked her phone number.

She’d been struggling to get this problem solved for two weeks (as the daily tow fees keep mounting), when she called FOX4 Problem Solvers.

Rodriguez said she felt particularly bad for her son, who worked all summer to earn the money for the car and planned to use it to commute between school, work and athletic events.

“I feel so heart broken,” she said with her voice breaking. “I really do – on so many levels.”

To try and solve this problem, FOX4 Problem Solvers paid a visit to the car lot on East 18th street where the man who sold the car supposedly worked. But the folks at the car lot told us they’d never heard of the man.

Plus, the name of the car lot on 18th Street is not “Roy’s Quality Auto” – even though that’s name listed on the back of the title. So not only was the temp tag fake, but there was a fake dealership listed on the title.

We then paid a visit to Midwest Motor and Sales, the car dealer who, according to the title, sold the car to Roy’s Quality Auto. The owner told us he was shocked to hear about happened to Rodriguez and her son and offered to solve the problem.

He bought the car back from Rodriguez, then resold it to them and included a Missouri Reassignment Form, allowing them to register the car in Kansas and get it out of the tow lot.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Aiden, who is back behind the wheel again and back in charge of his life.