For months, a KC woman struggled to get the title to her fully paid-off car, but she finally won

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It took an attorney and a judge to get this problem solved, but a Kansas City woman said she finally feels vindicated.

When FOX4 Problem Solvers first met Sheila Reliford last August, she had been waiting two months for the title on a car she had paid for in full, $1,500 cash. Without that title, she can’t drive the car. She technically doesn’t even own it.

Problem Solvers paid a visit to the car lot, A1 Motors, which had given her a temporary tag for the car. But the owner of the lot claimed he had just been trying to help Reliford drive the car and wasn’t responsible for breaking the law by selling a car without a title.

He blamed another car lot, TBF Motors, for the illegal transaction. Problem Solvers spoke to a man at TBF Motors who claimed not to know anything about the sale.

That’s when we referred Reliford to Kansas City attorney Tom Mendel, who has a reputation for fighting consumer fraud.

Mendel sued both car lots and won a $6,400 default judgment after neither car lot owner bothered to show up in court. Mendel also filed paperwork with the court to help Reliford finally get a title to the car — making this a problem that’s definitely solved.

“I’m thrilled,” Reliford said. “It’s going to be a very happy Thanksgiving.”



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