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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A problem solver story on a man who was stuck walking four miles to work every day after his bicycle was destroyed in an accident touched the hearts of several FOX 4 viewers who offered their help.

But the first to offer assistance was Christina Anderson. She called FOX 4 Problem Solvers as soon as she saw the story of Chris Cropp. His bicycle was destroyed when the city bus transporting it was hit by a van more than a month ago.

The insurance company handling the accident was supposed to reimburse him for the value of the bicycle. But, so far, Cropp hasn’t received a dollar and had been forced to walk or ride his skateboard to work.

Anderson knew she could help solve Cropp’s problem.

“I won a bicycle in a raffle at a friend’s thrift store,” said the mother of six. “My children and I wanted to pay it forward to someone who really needs it.”

Although Anderson’s children liked having the bicycle, they agreed that there was no room for it in their small apartment and were willing to have their mom donate it to Mr. Cropp.

Cropp was thrilled when he saw the bicycle and relieved he would no longer need to rely on his skateboard as his only means of transportation.

“Whoever you are, God bless you,” said Cropp. “I hope everything goes good for you.”