Frozen pipes, city runaround cause KC mom to go without water for over a week

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As temperatures plunged last week, Jordan Foster quickly felt the pain and with each passing day it grew worse. 

A single mom, Foster spent more than a week without water before calling FOX4 Problem Solvers for help.

Her saga started after the pipes in her rental home froze. She had no water for three days as temperatures continued to plunge, then those frozen pipes burst.

 “My whole garage flooded,” Foster said. “I had water up to my ankles.”

Finally, last Friday (after five days with no water) the maintenance staff replaced the busted pipes, but was unable to turn her water back on because the meter was broken.

“It was just a big mess,” said Foster, who has two children and three pets. To replace the meter, she had to call the Kansas City Water Department. Someone from the water department did stop by on Friday (the same day she called ) to fix the problem, but Foster had no idea they were coming and was picking up her children from school. 

“So I missed them  Friday and then they don’t work on the weekends,” Foster said.

So the following Monday — her eighth day without water — Foster again called the water department to replace that busted meter. But this time Foster said she was told that no one from the water department could help her because the water bill wasn’t in her name. It was in her mother’s name. 

Foster asked her mother, who lives out of state, to call the water department. But the water department told her mother that only the owner of the rental home could authorize a meter to be replaced. A now frantic Foster repeatedly called her rental company but could never reach anyone on the phone.

That’s when she decided to call FOX4 Problem Solvers. 

“I can’t do laundry,” Foster said, “I can’t cook normal food. I can’t take showers. I can’t bathe my kids.”

At that point Foster was on her ninth day without water. FOX4 Problem Solvers immediately called the water department for help.

With Foster listening in on a Zoom call, a spokeswoman for the Kansas City Water Department apologized and said that Foster’s mom had been given bad information. The owner of the rental home did not need to be notified for the meter to be replaced. 

Later that day, the water department replaced Foster’s busted meter.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her troubles. Once the water was turned back on, Foster discovered her busted pipes, which had supposedly been fixed on Thursday, were still not working right. Water was spurting everywhere.

“I came home and I heard the water,” Foster said. When she walked into her garage, she saw the floor covered in several inches of water.

Foster quickly turned off her water again, but this time help arrived the next day. A plumber fixed the broken pipe and Foster now has water again.

As she said, it’s been a very long week.

“You don’t realize how much you use water until it’s gone,” she said.

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