Frustrated KC tenants fed up with unsanitary conditions at apartment complex

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hope Beasley and several of her neighbors have had enough.

”It’s just nasty. That’s all I can say about it,” she said. “It just doesn’t make any sense that somebody has to live like this. I mean, we pay our rent every month.”

For the last three months, Beasley said she’s had to sit outside morning, noon and night as long as she can because she said her apartment at Park Gate Apartments isn’t safe.

”Filthy, that’s how I would describe it. They need to come and clean the mold up. My window’s still broken, and they haven’t done anything about all that trash,” Beasley told FOX4’s Robert Townsend.

The 56-year-old is convinced her Kansas City apartment is hazardous to her health.

Park Gate Apartments

”Yes, I’m living in fear all because of my health. I go to dialysis, and I think I’m getting sick because I just got out of the hospital,” Beasley said.

But that’s not all.

Several tenants at Park Gate Apartments tell FOX4 they haven’t had hot water in their units for the last week. The apartment complex is located near 66th and Monroe.

”I’m at the point where I have to boil my water. We never had all these problems before the new owners recently took over,” Beasley said.

Another tenant also showed FOX4 cell phone video of water leaking from his bathroom ceiling back in March. The man said nearly five months later his buckled floor still hasn’t been repaired.

Tenants say the problems also persist outside.

”The reason why I’m upset is because of how all that junk brings opossums, raccoons and other critters around here,” Yvonne Strother said.

Strother’s had enough of the trash, tossed-out toilets, old furniture and filth she said keep piling up around several dumpsters at the subsidized housing apartment complex.

One of the dumpsters at Park Gate Apartments in Kansas City

”You know my grand-kids play out there in the back, and I don’t want them to be attacked. We are people who have worked hard. People who have earned the right to be able to have some place to be comfortable,” Strother said.

On Tuesday, a Kansas City inspector checked out one unit at the complex and found what he called “disrepair of the exterior,  chipping, peeling paint and other nuisance violations.”

TEH Management in Reading, Pennsylvania, recently bought the Kanasas City apartment complex.  When FOX4’s Robert Townsend approached the property manager Tuesday to ask her about the tenants’ concerns, the manager ignored him, hopped in an SUV and drove off. FOX4 also called TEH Management on Wednesday and left a message, but so far, no one has called us back.

”I just want someone to care for us,” Strother said.

”I just need to move,” Beasley said.

In the meantime, the city has given the complex owner deadlines to correct the problems. FOX4 will keep following this story.

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