Furniture ‘fix’ leaves owner with china cabinet that’s too ugly to use

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — “It’s sad. I mean they actually ruined a very good piece of furniture,” said Barbara Stillman.

Stillman, of Johnson County, is talking about a mahogany china cabinet that FOX 4 Problem Solvers helped her get back from the company she paid to refinish it. Problem Solvers first shared Stillman’s story in October, after that two-week refinishing job turned into a seven-month saga. Stillman figured she’d never see her cabinet again.

“I don’t want this guy ever doing this to anyone else,” she told us then.

But the man she’d hired, David Roberts, owner of The Furniture Fixer, insisted he could solve the problem. He said he ran an upstanding company and that the delays Stillman had experienced were unusual and caused by a string of health and personal problems. He promised to deliver the cabinet the following week.

He did. And that’s why we went back to the Stillman’s home and talked to a very unhappy Barbara Stillman.

One look at the cabinet explains why. Instead of being painted with an high-gloss enamel, the piece appeared to be spray painted. Even worse, the dark mahogany wood is bleeding through the cream paint almost everywhere you look. Plus, there are obvious drips of paints on the painted wood and even the hardware has been painted.

Additionally, the glass doors are chipped and fall out when Stillman tries to open them. The glass isn’t beveled, which is what Stillman requested and paid for.

“I would have been embarrassed to return this to somebody,” Stillman said.

She said she’s now stuck with a piece of furniture too ugly to use. So this is a problem that’s definitely not solved. Stillman said her only satisfaction is knowing that by sharing her story she has warned others that The Furniture Fixer fixed nothing.

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