‘Hall of Shame’ tow lot owner does a good deed to help a local woman in need

Problem Solvers

SHAWNEE, Kan. — It was a devastating discovery for 75-year-old Hannah Harris. She woke up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to discover her car has been towed from the parking lot of her apartment complex.

“I was just so upset,” said Harris who is a widow and scrapes by each month on her Social Security check.

Harris, however, admitted that she’d parked illegally. She left her car in a “no parking” red zone because, she said, there were no other spots available.

So who towed her car? Private Party Impound, a tow company that Problem Solvers has reported on multiple times before for illegally towing cars.

But in this case, Private Party Impound did nothing wrong. At Harris’ home in Shawnee, an apartment complex can hire a tow service to parole its parking lots, and the tower can remove cars without notice if they are parked in red or yellow zones.

Although the tow was legal, it didn’t make Harris’ predicament any easier. She said she was told it would cost her $395 to get her car back.

“I’m stranded,” she said. “I don’t have the money to pick it up.”

Since Nov. 24, she’s walked to the grocery store for necessities and prayed no emergency will make it necessary for her to drive.

That’s why she called FOX4 Problem Solvers for help. We called her apartment complex Park 67 where a kind woman promised to contact the towing company to try to work out a deal.

They did. Tow lot owner Jay “Allen” Bloodworth showed up that day and brought back Harris’ car. She told us that he didn’t charge her a dime. 

“I’m happy to have my car back,” Harris said. “This man was extremely fair to me, very fair. I’m just happy to have my car back so I can go on with my life.”

Bloodworth, who is no fan of FOX4 Problem Solvers, is expected in court in the next few months on charges of tax evasion and forging tow documents. But he’s a hero to an elderly woman who made a mistake and didn’t have to pay the price.



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