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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s upsetting for Josh Enyart to even talk about the condition of his Kansas City home. The mortar has been removed from huge sections of his stone foundation and his basement looks like an excavation site.

“Right now I have no floor,” Enyart said, pointing to the piles of concrete and exposed water and sewer lines.

Enyart’s home has been torn apart since January. That’s when he hired Rudy Ludemann, the owner of Shape Construction, to replace his clogged sewer line and tuck point his stone foundation.

“He was a friend of a friend,” Enyart said.

As the days went by, Enyart said Ludemann kept asking for more money. Enyart said he didn’t mind paying him for the bulk of the work upfront because he appeared to be working hard on his home. But after Enyart gave Ludemann $5,000 in cash and purchased another $4,000 in supplies, Ludemann disappeared, Enyart said.

“There were multiple jobs started and not a single one was finished,” Enyart said.

Ludemann is no longer returning phone calls, text messages or emails. Fox 4 Problem Solvers has tried to contact Ludemann for the last two weeks without a single response. The only address we could find for Ludemann was a post office box at a UPS store.

“I felt so helpless because it was clear he wouldn’t be able to do anything he said he was able to do,” said Enyart, who gets depressed realizing he can’t afford to finish the jobs Ludemann started.

Even worse, Enyart is also on the hook for the another $5,000 for an excavator that he said Ludemann asked him to rent. The rental company said it was destroyed when the driver tipped it over, burning up the engine.

It’s a horrible situation for Enyart, a hard-working delivery truck driver with a huge heart. In fact, Fox 4 profiled Enyart earlier this year when he found a wallet stuffed with cash and credit cards on his route.

Instead of just turning the wallet over to police, he tracked down the owner and gave it to her in person. Now, Enyart could use some of that same kindness himself.