KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In Missouri alone, there are 45,000 cars with either a “Do Not Drive” recall or “Do Not Park Inside.” In Kansas, there are 25,000 cars facing those recalls.

Either recall is clearly bad news.

“The park outside recalls are for vehicles where the fire risk is so high that not only does the automaker not want you to park it in your garage, they don’t want you to park it next to your garage,” said Patrick Olsen, editor in chief of CARFAX.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has blamed 3,000 vehicle fires on faulty cars. Just this week, Jeep recalled 132,000 suvs with a “Park Outside” order.  A week earlier, BMW recalled 90,000 vehicles with a “Do Not Drive” order.

Olsen said he’s worried that there have been so many recalls over the past 10 years that a growing number of people have recall fatigue and no longer care.

But Olsen said that’s a dangerous place to be. Some 20-year-old cars are just now seeing their first serious recall.

“These numbers are large and getting larger,” he said.

It’s easy to check whether your car has a safety recall. Go to the NHTSA website (NHTSA.gov), click on recalls and type in your VIN. That won’t cost you a dime.

Neither will CARFAX’s where you can type in either your VIN or your license plate number. CARFAX also has a free mobile app where you can register your car. If it’s recalled, CARFAX will send you an alert.