KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An Independence man was sentenced in federal court Wednesday for two fraud schemes totaling over $2 million in losses.

A judge sentenced Jeremy Ace Woods, who owned Ace’s Remediation and Lawn Service and Vaughns Property Management, to 17 years in prison with no chance at parole.

The court also ordered the 46-year-old to pay nearly $800,000 in restitution to 48 victims and forfeit over $336,000 to the government.

Last year, he pleaded guilty to three counts of travel fraud and two counts of wire fraud in a rental equipment scheme and a real estate scheme, which combined affected at least 48 people or businesses.

Prosecutors said Woods used multiple aliases, including Jeremy Ace, Jeremy Vaughn, Jeremy Brown, James Hanna and Elvis John.

Federal prosecutors say Wood stole nearly 100 pieces of rental equipment valued at almost $1 million from various companies. He then sold the equipment to people across the Midwest.

Prosecutors said the Independence man exploited multiple people, asking them to rent equipment for him.

After he sold it online, those “straw renters” then saw financial loss and damage to their credit scores. Many of the buyers were also affected when they had to return the equipment Wood stole.

Wood also fraudulently sold 12 homes he didn’t own, prosecutors say, obtaining large down payments and monthly payments.

Federal prosecutors say Woods received subcontracting jobs through his companies on homes going through foreclosure. He would then pose as the owner of a real-estate company sell them.

In all, the victims lost over $200,000, but prosecutors say the actual and intended loss combined in this scheme is over $1 million.

The intended loss of the two schemes combined was $2,229,177 while the actual loss totaled $900,896, prosecutors said.

Woods already has 31 prior felony convictions, including several fraud charges. He was already on probation in four separate cases in Missouri when he was arrested in 2022.

He also has pending cases in four counties, including an active warrant in Kansas for escaping custody.