Kansas City couple frustrated after waiting nearly a year for wedding photos

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a wedding nightmare. The photographer you hired never gives you the photos.

A Kansas woman has been trying to get her wedding photos since June.

Nneka Amartey-Jones can tell you all about her wedding last June. It’s recorded in a book full of contracts and receipts.

“All my vendors, and he’s the only one who’s given me grief.”

But she can’t show you many photographs. Although a friend took a few photos, the professional photographer she hired to shoot her wedding has never handed over most of the photos he took.

Amartey-Jones has been texting and calling her photographer for months trying to get her wedding photos. She’d given up hope by the time she called FOX4 Problem Solvers.

“I just wanted my photos,” Amartey-Jones said. “I kept expressing, I really just want my memories.”

Amartey-Jones and her husband paid photographer Dionte Peavy of Event Choice about $950 of a $1,400 contract for a fully day of photography and videography. COVID-19 drastically scaled back their plans. They even had to cancel their reception.

Instead of working a full day, Peavy was there about three hours.

At first they hoped Event Choice would provide the photos for a reduced price – the $940 they’d already paid. But Event Choice was unwilling to do that. So they tried to negotiate a new fee.

“I was asking for amount and to know exactly what I will receive for that additional amount,” Amartey-Jones said.

They said Peavy initially seemed willing to strike a compromise but then stopped answering their texts and phone calls. Her husband also tried with no luck.

They also claim Peavy made some comments that left them nervous.

“Because he kept making the statements that the photos weren’t good,” Amartey-Jones said. “So I asked what, what do they look like then? And so he sent only a few.”

Amartey-Jones said she’s willing to pay full price for the photos but Peavy won’t answer his phone and has blocked her on his Facebook page.

FOX4 Problem Solvers understands that this past year has been particularly tough times for wedding photographers. Most businesses are reluctant to renegotiate a contract. So we were eager to hear Peavy’s side.

Since Peavy works from his home in Grandview, FOX4 Problem Solvers paid him a visit. He wasn’t there, but he did call later.

Peavy claimed he hadn’t heard from Amartey-Jones in months and was shocked when she suddenly started demanding her wedding photos.

However, Amartey-Jones provided us with multiple text messages, showing she’s been trying to reach him to get her photos since August.

“He doesn’t return phone calls, texts,” Amartey-Jones said.

Then the photographer claimed he only keeps wedding photos for five months. It’s something the bride and groom said they were never told and that’s not mentioned in the contract.

He also claimed that he had made multiple efforts to resolve the problem, but Amartey-Jones and her husband refused. We asked if he could show Problem Solvers proof of that. He claimed he could but then never provided it.

We asked Peavy what he thought was a fair resolution so that this couple could finally get their wedding photos that he took last June.

The next day Peavy sent Problem Solvers a text stating he would “not be bullied on an unpaid account and would have no further comment.”

Unfortunately, this is a problem that couldn’t be solved. Amartey-Jones and her husband have now filed a small claims suit hoping that might finally help them get their wedding photos.

FOX4 Problem Solvers will let you know what happens.

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