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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In April, Christine and Jason Bradfield paid Sean Gasaway, owner of Jefe LLC, at least $1,200 to build them a retention wall with staggered stones.

Instead, Christine said Gasaway built the wall improperly by stacking and permanently gluing each stone directly on top of one another, something he can be heard admitting to in the Bradfield’s Ring doorbell footage.

“I built the wall wrong,” he said in the Ring doorbell footage.

Christine said she initially agreed to pay Gasaway $1,650 for his work, having paid $1,200 upfront.

But after just three days, she realized the stones had been stacked, cut and glued improperly.

“The project went, I believe, very well,” Gasaway told FOX4 Thursday.

Christine said the situation made her restless and anxious, so she started browsing through hours of Ring doorbell footage.

That’s when she noticed Gasaway had thrown some of her pre-existing concrete blocks into his trailer and drove off, despite Christine telling him not to take them because they are no longer manufactured and are irreplaceable.

With $1,200 on the line, Christine called a different contractor for a second opinion, who told her it would now cost at least $11,000 just to undo the damage Gasaway caused.

“The quote we got including installation would be $16,000,” she said.

Gasaway tells FOX4 he tried to fix it but Christine told him not to come back, and that’s true, she said she didn’t want him causing any more damage.

But Gasaway also denies ever admitting to building the wall wrong.

“That’s something that I didn’t say or didn’t see, so that’s kind of like, you know, it’s her word against mine,” he said.

He also denies taking her concrete blocks.

At that point, Christine said she filed a police report.

“It feels so dirty to have somebody come onto your property, literally steal from you,” she said.

Christine fired Gasaway after just three days of work and asked for a full $1,200 refund on the job, but he refused.

“I tried my best to satisfy her the best I can, but when you don’t pay me for my labor, or even come to some type of agreement, what am I left to do?” he said. “I don’t have time to sit up here and just wait on something else. I’ve got a family to feed. I’ve got to keep on moving.”

Christine said it doesn’t make sense to pay somebody for botched work, especially when it’s going to cost her at least an additional $10,000 just to get their property back to square one.

Since Gasaway wouldn’t give her a refund, she decided to dispute the charge with her bank. That’s when she said Gasaway changed the terms of their contract without ever notifying her.

Christine said Gasaway scribbled the words “nonrefundable” on the contract he submitted to her bank, something that was never discussed or disclosed on her copy of the contract.

Gasaway denies admitting he built the wall improperly and said he wants the Bradfields to pay him the remaining $450. Then he’ll determine whether or not they should be refunded.

Christine said that’s unreasonable, and she is currently considering litigation.

“What I want is a magic wand to be able to go back in time to be where we were before we hired him,” Christine said.

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