KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “No one will help you.”

These are the last words Jennifer Yohe, a Belton, Missouri resident, said she heard before hanging up on a scammer in 2019, posing as an Amazon representative.

She said she’s seen fraudulent charges come out of her bank account and online shopping accounts for nearly four years. It’s possible her credentials were stolen through a website, phone call, phishing email or maybe all three – she just isn’t sure.

“Everything has been compromised, like literally everything, even just trying to do my taxes,” she said. “Just, normally, things that would take just one or two steps are just hurdles and hurdles and hurdles.”

FOX4 Problem Solvers first met Yohe last year when she called to report her identity had been stolen.

We shared her story with Terry Franz, the owner of Cars 4 Heroes, hoping he’d have just one more car left for Yohe.

Franz said Yohe would qualify for one of his cars if she had family who had served in the military. Yohe’s father was in the Marines.

We invited Yohe to a Harrisonville park to meet Franz. She thought she would be telling him her story, unaware that he had already made up his mind to surprise her.

“Problem Solvers is pretty famous for solving problems but they don’t have any cars in their parking lot, so they called me to tell me your story,” he said. “I don’t know what your story was when you said that somebody told you that nobody in the world was gonna help you, but I’m here to change that.”

With that, Franz handed Yohe and her son the keys to a 2005 black Nissan Armada.

“I would be able to bring my kids to school, I would be able to go to the grocery store and I would be able to go to work,” Yohe said. “I would be able to have a fighting chance.”

To most people, it’s only a car, but for someone who has lost almost everything, it’s hope for a new life.

“Bless you, bless you, bless you,” Yohe said.