KC car lot has a lot of excuses for why it won’t hand over title for Raytown man’s car

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Facebook Marketplace might be a great place to buy a used dining room table or a lamp, but be wary if you are looking for a car.

It’s become a haven for unscrupulous used car dealers — something 18-year-old Colten Kaplanis discovered three months ago.

“It was a cheap car,” Kaplanis said. “It was specifically to get me from A to B.”

It was the first car he’d ever bought, and it turned into a lesson on what not to do when buying a car.

He paid $2,800 for 2003 Saturn Vu in June and still doesn’t have a title.

“It will be mailed to me in two weeks.” That’s what Kaplanis said he was initially promised by the salesman at H&H Auto on Prospect.

But H&H Auto’s story keeps changing.

The latest excuse is that the auction where H&H bought the car has the title but has yet to give it to H&H. Assuming that story is even true, an auction will only hold onto a title if the car lot hasn’t paid for the car.

As the months drag on, Kaplanis has only been able to keep driving the car because H&H keeps giving him new temp tags. He’s on his third. Multiple temp tags for one car is illegal in Missouri, so is selling a car without a title.

Kaplanis has asked for his money back at least three times, but H&H keeps stalling. That’s why Kaplanis called FOX4 Problem Solvers.

We paid a visit to H&H where a woman behind the counter insisted that selling a car without a title is legal in Missouri as long as the car lot is actively trying to get the title.

That’s not true.

When we pointed that out, she insisted Kaplanis would get a full refund that day from H&H. This time H&H kept its word, but not before sending Kaplanis this text: “Why did you send Fox 4?”

“Because you sold me a car without a title,” Kaplanis replied.

But shortly after that, Kaplanis got his money back and used it to buy another car at a different car lot.

This time he made sure he had the title before he handed over the cash.

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