KANSAS CITY, Mo.— A Kansas City woman claims a visit to the nail salon cost her a major infection and to have part of her toenail surgically removed.

Kimani Rose said she visited Sassy Nails on Westport Road, a salon she’s been going to for five years for a pedicure.

This time, she said she was cut.

“I was getting my hands done and my feet done. Kind of got nicked or just something happened, I noticed it, I asked if I could have a band aid or something, because I think I may have a cut on my foot,” Rose said.

“Next thing you know, next couple of days it starts to get uncomfortable. From there, it starts to be visibly swollen and it’s really gross. An abscess formed. It was oozing. It was really bad.”

She ended up going to the hospital where she was given antibiotics for an infection and her big toenail was surgically removed.

Rose believes it came from a tool her technician used.

“The doctor, before I could say anything, he asked if I had a pedicure in the last two weeks… something he sees all the time, unfortunately,” Rose said. “I had no idea, you know, the extent to how important it is for them to use the right products and tools when they are working on your feet and some of the tools banned for your feet. I had no idea until all of this happened.”

She’s shared her experience and graphic images on Facebook to warn others about the dangers lurking in salon. Shortly after she says the salon offered to pay her.

However, the manager at the salon tells FOX4 they are not at fault and according to the current manager, the business recently transitioned into new ownership.

“We just recently took over, so I don’t know what happened in the past or how they communicated. We are sorry things like that happen to her, all I can say is keep going to the doctor and see what the doctor say,” Co said. “Whatever she has on her toes is not part of the service that cost her. We do everything according to the state law. We just passed an inspection,” said Danny Co.

Rose said she did not accept the payout, but more importantly wants to share her story for educational purposes. She also reported the nail salon to the state.

“I support them staying in business, if they are going to do it right. It makes me very self-conscious. I have always kept my nails and feet done,” Rose said. “I never thought in a million years I’d have to get my toenail removed.”

A cosmetology expert previously shared with FOX4 one of the most important parts of cosmetology: cleanliness.

If the tools aren’t properly sanitized, any bacteria on them could be transferred to the next customer.

Here’s what you should look for:

  • The pedicure bowl being cleaned with soap and water before being sprayed with a hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • It’s not required, but some salons place a plastic liner inside the basin and put disinfected nail tools in a dated and sealed bag.

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