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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The good news keeps coming for a Kansas City woman who asked FOX4 Problem Solvers for help with a home repair business that emptied her bank account and left her house a mess.

Two metro companies, who initially came to her rescue to fix the problems the other company had caused, are now back — to do even more.

“I love you so much,” said 70-year-old Diana Clarke as she gave Heath Chitwood of Pyramid Roofing a huge hug.

Friday was a happy day for Clarke — and a very different day than when we first met her a few weeks ago.

That’s when she told us about All American Roofing, a home repair company out of Osceola (not to be confused with All-American Roofing in Olathe), that had taken more than $3,000 from her and not repaired a single problem.

The company installed a flue pipe to her furnace in such a shoddy fashion that it could have caused a carbon monoxide leak and killed her. The only repair to her leaky roof was a tarp.

Plus, All American Roofing kept coming to her door, demanding she pay them even more money.

“I’m tired,” Clarke said. “I just want it to be over.”

FOX4 shared Clarke’s story with two metro companies, Top Notch Heating and Cooling and Pyramid Roofing. They agreed to replace that dangerous pipe and patch her roof for free.

But now both companies have decided to do even more.

Pyramid Roofing spent Friday at Clarke’s home replacing her entire roof.

“We called in some favors,” Chitwood said. “We talked to our suppliers. We told them the situation that was going on. All of them agreed that for what she’d been taken for we needed to give her a free roof.”

Plus, Top Notch Heating and Cooling will soon be installing a new furnace to go along with the new flue pipe.

Clarke told FOX4 that when she first heard the news she fell off her bed. Literally.

“I went ‘Oh my God,’ and slid to the floor. I am so happy and so thankful. These are the best people I have ever run into,” she said.

They’re companies that are not only restoring her home, but restoring her faith.

“My problem is definitely solved,” she said.