KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A decades old DUI is done haunting one Kansas City, Kansas man.

It’s not often you see someone smiling while waiting in line at the driver’s license bureau, but Dennis Manchion has a good reason.

Manchion was finally able to get his paperwork fixed and his driver’s license renewed after nearly two years of confusion.

There was a “hold” on his name in Missouri because of a DUI he got in Platte County 40 years ago, according to a Missouri DMV.

Over the last four decades, the 71-year-old has renewed his license several times without a problem, until now.

FOX4’s Problem Solvers got involved and less than a week later, he got his new license.

“It’s like taking a thorn out of my side. I appreciate it,” Manchion said. “I finally got my driver’s license that I’ve been trying to get, going on two years. I really appreciate FOX4 Problem Solvers for helping me with it.”

While FOX4 could not confirm the exact issue, the Missouri Department of Revenue did have Manchion’s name spelled wrong in its system.

“It was a pain. I just was calling everywhere, trying to get things settled and no success no matter where I called, ’til I called Channel 4,” Manchion said. “I appreciate that greatly.”

Manchion is beyond thankful to have his license back. But he is worried about running into another issue when it comes time to renew his license again.