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LENEXA, Kan. — Two victims lost a total of $35,000 to scammers and Lenexa police warn they could be targeting even more people. This is the time of year when even more people head online to shop for the holidays.

The Lenexa Police Department said it’s taken two reports of people being scammed through a fake Microsoft pop-up on computers. In both cases, the fake pop-up made the victims believe that there was something wrong with their computers. They called the fake tech support phone number provided on the pop-up ad to get help.

The scammers told the victims they needed to send money to an account to resolve the problem. Police said the first victim transferred more than $25,000 dollars to the scammers. The second person lost more than $9,000 to the scam.

Police warn that if you think there is a problem with your computer, ask a friend or family member for help, or get help from a local store. Never give money to someone you don’t know over the phone or computer.