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LIBERTY, Mo. – Chanickqwa Griffin said eight packages were never delivered to her house, despite what the post office’s online tracking system says.

“It says ‘delivered,’” she said. “Some of them say they went to the door and they, like, never deliver to the door.”

For an entire week in June, Griffin and her North Hampton neighbors did not receive any mail.

“A lot of people were asking like, ‘Has anyone else not received the mail in the last like two or three days?’ and then it stretched out throughout that whole week,” she said.

Residents began complaining on the neighborhood’s Facebook page weeks ago, with some expressing concerns over missing paychecks, bills, tax documents, even FMLA papers and medications.

But for Griffin, it wasn’t just bills and letters that weren’t arriving, but packages she relies on to keep her at-home business afloat, making hand-crafted products from resin. 

“I was expecting a lot of like silicone molds or like customized molds and glitter packs and such for my resin,” Griffin said.

Altogether, Griffin said she’s missing eight packages worth $400, but at least 10 residents in the North Hampton neighborhood contacted Problem Solvers in June with the same issue – none of them had received any of their mail from that week.

Griffin said she is most concerned that the post office’s online mail tracking system shows every single one of her packages as being delivered — even claiming several were delivered to her door.

Griffin said she’s never had a postal worker come to her door. She said everything she receives is from the cluster mailbox on her street.

“They’ll stuff the crap out of our itty bitty mail thing, and I’ve actually damaged some of my packages like, pulling them out of the mailbox before,” Griffin said.

She said she tried emailing the post office for answers but when she couldn’t get a response, she paid a visit.

“She (post office supervisor) had told me they are working on a lot of issues that had come from that week,” said Griffin, although the postal supervisor could not explain what happened to Griffin’s packages. Griffin also noticed multiple “help wanted” signs posted on the door of the post office.

To try and help Griffin find her packages, Problem Solvers called Mark Inglett, spokesperson for the post office. He acknowledged the United States Postal Service (USPS) is actively hiring in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as in Shawnee, Mission, and the Topeka area in Kansas, but did not blame a lack of staff on the missing packages.

He said customers experiencing issues should locate their post office, contact them regarding any delivery concerns, and the matter will be resolved from there.

“We’re the nation’s most trusted federal agency, and we take that very seriously. So if there’s a concern you have, we have all kinds of options for you to reach out and let us know, so we can investigate and make sure things are taken care of properly,” Inglett said.

Because Griffin had already tried all of that, Inglett said he’s personally checking into the problem. He said at the very least he can make sure Griffin is still eligible to apply for insurance money on those missing packages, even though the post office has recorded them as delivered.

But Griffin said while USPS works on tracking down her packages, she worries about others in her community who are also waiting for mail to arrive.

“Someone said they’re waiting on a check and, you know, it’s hard for people right now,” she said. “So, I mean, all those things are really important.”

For now, this problem has yet to be solved, but Problem Solvers will update you as we learn more.