Lone Jack homeowner struggles with low-hanging CenturyLink cables for years

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LONE JACK, Mo. — A Lone Jack homeowner with low-hanging CenturyLink cables says he’s been going around and around with customer service for years.

After no luck, he called FOX4 for help.

“I complained to them a million times. We got the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office involved. They called them, and still nothing,” Randy Miller said. “The minimum requirement nationally for any kind of telephone or internet line is 14 feet minimum. Right now we are sitting at 12 feet. We’ve got an RV, ready to be picked up at the shop. We can’t get it under the wire!”

Miller said the low-hanging line prevents delivery and emergency trucks from entering his driveway. Trucks have caught the line three times, pulling the entire thing to the ground and uprooting the poles.

It’s not only a problem for Miller, but his neighbors, too. They sometimes go weeks without internet service.

“It started the 17th of last month, and this is the 13th! It has been going on for this long,” said Miller’s neighbor, Bob Saderstrom. “I can’t keep dealing with this over and over and over.”

Miller called FOX4 Problem Solvers for help, and we made a call to CenturyLink. Sure enough, when FOX4 arrived at his home, a CenturyLink crew wasn’t too far behind.

“Can FOX4 just stay at our house? I mean, this is unbelievable. I have never seen them one, come out, but offer to do something, smiling and shaking hands. This is a new company,” Miller said.

The technician reviewing the area told him the low-hanging line would be fixed by the end of the day.

They plan to raise the cable 2 feet to the required 14 feet. Problem solved.

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