Metro woman gets an assist from KC police after company illegally tows her RV

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Things got a little heated Monday after a metro tow company FOX4 has been warning you about for years struck once again.

“The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department knows about it. Northmoor Police knows about it. They all know about it, and they are after you, and they are going to get all of you.”

That’s what Shannon Lindsey was shouting at a tow truck driver when FOX4 Problem Solvers showed up.

Lindsey was upset with David Zellers from KC Tow because he was demanding she pay $1,500 before giving back her RV that she said he illegally towed.

“Are you threatening me?” Lindsey asked Zellers.

“No, I’m telling you to get out of my face,” Zellers said.

The event that set off this exchange happened three days earlier after Lindsey and her husband got into a crash near Bartle Hall in Kansas City.

Lindsey said William Benfer Jr., owner of 24/7 Tow and KC Tow, pulled up to the crash and offered to tow their RV.

That’s called wreck chasing, and that’s illegal in Kansas City. Unfortunately, Lindsey didn’t know that.

Then it got worse. Instead, of taking the RV to the auto body shop she had requested, Benfer took it to North Star Auto in Northmoor. But he never told her.

Lindsey reported the RV stolen to police until she finally tracked it down more than 24 hours later.

NorthStar Auto Body is a notorious repair shop that works with tow truck drivers who wreck chase and then charge people sky-high tow rates. It’s been featured in multiple Problem Solvers reports.

That’s why Lindsey called FOX4. We asked the tow truck driver to give the RV back, but he refused, unless he was paid.

But Lindsey said Northroomr police had told her not to give Benfer or his tow company a dime since it was an illegal tow.

We called Benfer to get his side. He said he never chases wrecks — a claim that’s hard to believe since multiple customers have accused him of exactly that and even filed complaints with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

FOX4 Problem Solvers was getting no where fast with Benfer or his tow truck driver. Then the cavalry arrived in the form of the Kansas City police.

About a half an hour later, a very dejected tow truck driver unhooked the RV and gave it back to Lindsey without any money changing hands.

“We are very thankful for Northmoor and Kansas City police for standing behind and helping citizens who need help,” said Lindsey, who has also filed a complaint against Benfer and his tow company with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

She hopes criminal charges are pursued. We’ll keep you posted.



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