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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Contractor Jerry Shane Fellers always has excuses as to why he never completed the job someone paid him to do, but the Missouri Attorney General’s Office isn’t buying them.

The attorney general charged Fellers this week with 13 felony counts for defrauding Missourians out of $145,000.

That’s just the amount from Fellers’ victims in Polk County where his business, Build Tech Structures, was based. More charges are still expected from multiple other counties where Fellers also did business.

Among those victims are Carla and David Heckert of Smithville. They paid Fellers $26,000 down for a barn and living quarters. They got almost no work or materials for the money, and Fellers will no longer return their phone calls.

“I’ve gone through cancer and lots of hardships, but I’m telling you this has been the worst experience of my life,” Carla Heckert told FOX4 Problem Solvers last spring.

Dave Stephenson is out the $4,100 he gave Fellers for a barn that was never built.

“At this point it seems like they are trying to avoid my calls,” Stephenson said.

Despite repeated attempts to contact him, Fellers wouldn’t talk to Problem Solvers. But he told his victims he was just hitting a rough patch in his business because of COVID and would repay them in August. No one we contacted has seen a dime.  

Fellers, who goes by his middle name Shane, had problems long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2003, Fellers was banned from working in Kansas for seven years after defrauding customers there. Last year, Oklahoma convicted him of taking more than $40,000 from customers.

He was on probation from that Oklahoma conviction when he set up shop in Missouri. Now, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office has issued a warrant for Fellers’ arrest.