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CAMERON, Mo. — Before you put important documents away for safe keeping, you might want to double check the information.

A Missouri woman said she didn’t realize that a key document from the state had a typo that’s led to more than a month of heartache trying to get it corrected.

Linda Krentz showed off the trailer that she thought she’d sold last month for $20,000 until she ran into problems with the title.

“We went to the bank and pulled it out of the safe deposit box and that’s when we found out it was wrong,” Krentz said.

The bank that the people buying the trailer were using to finance their loan noticed the vin on the lien release did not match the vin on the title. What should have been recorded as an X in the Vin was instead recorded as a C.

Since all the other paperwork Krentz has on the four-year-old trailer is consistent with the Vin on the side of the trailer, she believes the incorrect Vin was a mistake made by the Missouri Department of Revenue when it created the title.

Krentz needed to have the title problem fixed quickly so as not to lose the sale. She immediately mailed the incorrect title back to the Department of Revenue and asked for a corrected title. She was told by her local DMV that the process should take about two weeks. It has now been more than a month. She’s frustrated and so are the buyers.

“I have to give them their money back,” Krentz said, who had already spent the money on another, smaller trailer that more easily fit her and her husband’s lifestyle.

She still has no idea when she’ll get the title. Every time she calls Jefferson City to find out what the hold up is, the news isn’t good and often conflicting.

Here’s what she said she was told last week:

“Well, it’s in a pile still, but I’ll put an expedition order on it since this was our mistake.”

But when she called again this week:

“It’s still in the pile and there are like 27,000 titles ahead of it,” she said she was told, plus there was more bad news.

This time the person she was dealing with at the Department of Revenue told her “there’s no such thing as an expedited title” and it would be at least another month before she would receive a corrected title.

“I was just a little teary eyed when I heard that,” Krentz said.

Frustrated because the problem with the title was a mistake made by the Department of Revenue and she thought correcting it should have been a priority. FOX4 Problem Solvers agreed.

Working for you, we contacted the Missouri Department of Revenue who promised to look into it. Moments later Krentz got a call from the state informing her the corrected title would be mailed to her on Friday.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Revenue insisted that it had a solution in the works even before FOX4 Problem Solvers got involved. We also asked the spokeswoman about that backlog of 27,000 titles, but never got an answer.

Krentz is relieved the problem is solved. Plus she learned Thursday that the original buyers still want the trailer.