RAYTOWN, Mo. — When COVID-19 interrupted plans for a private birthday party celebration at a church fellowship hall, a Kansas City area woman thought she’d have no problem getting her $300 deposit back.

But she said the pastor has ignored her calls.

“We had reached out to Pastor Travis Frazier for renting his event space which is at the bottom of the church,” said Sandra Walker, who spoke to Rev. Frazier of New Birth Deliverance Ministries on Blue Ridge Boulevard on Nov. 29 about renting the fellowship hall on Jan. 29.

She said the pastor wanted a deposit of $300 paid directly to him, as soon as possible.

“That we really needed to get that day set in stone and we needed to pay the money upfront,” Walker said she was told by the pastor.

Walker sent the money via Cash App to Frazier and then reminded him that he was supposed to give her a contract for the Jan. 29 rental.

He said he would email her a contract. She never got it. She called the pastor and told him she would drive to his church to pick it up.

“He stated that he had a doctor’s appointment,” she said.

“We asked him what time was the doctor’s appointment and he said, ‘oh it will be here in a couple of hours.’ Oh well, we can come to the church right now and get the contract from you,” she told him.

But the pastor said there wasn’t time because he was leaving right away.

“That doesn’t make sense,” Walker thought and started to become concerned.

Then, as COVID kept getting worse in the KC metro, Walker decided a large birthday gathering would be unsafe.

She asked the pastor for her deposit back. She assumed that would not be a problem since she still had yet to receive a contract.

But the pastor told her any refund would have to be agreed upon by the church board. Walker said she’s been unable to determine even if there is a church board and dozens of calls and texts to the pastor have gone unanswered.

FOX4 Problem Solvers paid a visit to New Birth Deliverance Ministries. There was no one at the church, but while we were shooting video of the outside, a man pulled up and told us he was a church member and wanted to know what was going on.

We told him about the canceled birthday party and the request for a refund. That’s when we learned that Sandra isn’t the only one who wants her money back.

‘”Are you talking about Alana Taylor?” he asked us. “She breeched her contract.”

“No, I’m talking about Sandra Walker,” the Problem Solvers reporter replied.

The man, who wouldn’t give us his name and rolled up his car window when we moved our camera in his direction, promised us Walker would get her money back in two days. That was a week ago. Walker has never seen a dime.

FOX4 Problem Solvers has tried repeatedly to reach the pastor by phone and text. He has never responded. Problem Solvers isn’t the only one looking for the pastor. So is the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Frazier is listed as out of compliance in the sex offender registry, which means he hasn’t updated the sheriff’s department on his current address. According to the registry, the pastor has been listed on the registry since 2007 for a conviction in Oregon that involved an adult female.

So for now, this problem isn’t solved. We’re hoping Frazier gives Walker her money back and lets the sheriff’s department know where he’s living. We’ll let you know what happens.