Neighbors ready for KC to crack down on abandoned mobile home park piled high with trash

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Piles and piles of trash are the first thing you see when you drive by what once was a respectable mobile home park called (ironically) Pride on 40 Highway.

Neighbor Aaron Gross said with each passing month, this abandoned trailer park gets worse.

“The fire department has been here I don’t know how many times,” said Gross who, seven years ago, lived in the park before buying a home across the street.

Burned out trailers dot the littered landscape along with tires, garbage and stray animals. Amongst all the mess, there are people. The city estimated 27 people live in some of the remaining abandoned trailers, which have no water, gas or electricity.

“The city deemed it was a homeless camp,” Gross said. A homeless camp across the street from a neighborhood of single-family homes.

As bad as this former mobile home park looks during the day, Gross said it’s far worse at night.

“I don’t know what they are doing. You hear them banging, smashing, screaming, fighting.”

It’s gotten so bad that Gross said he no longer felt safe leaving his home without a gun. He called FOX4 Problem Solvers because he wanted to know why Kansas City hasn’t cracked down on this mess. 

So Problem Solvers called city spokesman John Baccala for answers.

“The city has been aware of this for a long time,” Baccala said, but there was little the city could do without first going to court.

In July, a judge allowed the city to seize control of the property from the private owner who had long ago abandoned it. Then the city put out a request for bids from contractors capable of cleaning up the mess. Advertising and then waiting for bids was another lengthy process. 

Here’s the good news. A contractor has been identified, and the clean-up work is expected to begin in December.

“The cavalry is coming,” Baccala said.



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