Northland woman battles for months to get reimbursed for damage after gas mix-up at Sam’s Club

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Northland woman has been fighting since June to be reimbursed for a fuel mix-up at a pump that caused nearly $2,000 in damages.

Liz Hein said that minutes after filling up her car at Sam’s Club, it broke down. It was only after she had the car towed to a repair shop that she learned the reason. Her car’s gas tank was filled with diesel.

Hein contacted Sam’s Club, which acknowledged that its unleaded gas pump had been mistakenly filled with diesel.

Hein said a Sam’s Club employee then added her name to a list of other customers who had also been affected. A couple of days later, Hein received a call from someone at Sam’s Club’s claims division promising to take care of the problem.

Over the following days, she emailed the claim’s division her tow bill, car repair bill and rental car bill – totaling about $3,000.

Hein said the employee kept asking her for additional documentation (proof of ownership of her car, etc.), which she provided. But by September, three months after the problem starte, Sam’s Club still hadn’t cut her a check and stopped responding to her calls and emails.

Hein said without any help from Sam’s Club, she had to use her stimulus money to get her car back from the repair shop.

Although her car is fixed, Hein is not happy. She’s out about $3,000 for the repair, rental car and tow. She hasn’t heard a word from Sam’s Club since September.

“They can’t just be flaking on me right? This is a huge corporation,” said Hein in disbelief. Sam’s Club is a division of Walmart.

FOX4 Problem Solvers called Sam’s Club’s corporate communications team and alerted them to Hein’s situation. They immediately started looking into the problem.

On Thursday, Sam’s Club issued this statement: “We are pleased we were able to work with the member to begin processing her claim. We apologize for the delay. This is not the experience we want for our members.” 

Sam’s Club said Hein should receive a check by early next week, reimbursing her for every dollar she spent. Problem solved.



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