KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One Northland homeowner believed she’d been more than patient.

Last December, a bad car crash in front of Nancy Myers’ Northland home ruined a neighbor’s fence — and a Kansas City fire hydrant. Myers has lived here 27 years.

She wanted to know why the hydrant hadn’t been put back in place.

“All the other utilities have been out taking care of their business, and the water department has not,” Myers said Thursday.

Utilities crews were on the job the day after the December crash, and a city crew came back in March and took the damaged hydrant away.

The city’s 311 records show four electronic requests Myers has made for service. She said she’d called them, too, but no one had helped before she called FOX4.

“What if my house catches on fire? They’ve told me that the closest fire hydrant is close enough to my house, that it would take care of it,” Myers asked.

Myers was fearful of a repeat of a Northland scene from last September, when another home burned. That one was on NW 58th Terrace. Neighbors complained the hydrant near that house wasn’t working properly.

FOX4 sent two emails with questions to the city’s communications office. Neither were answered, but we did receive an update after this story aired on Thursday.

Friday, Myers said the Kansas City Water Department installed a new fire hydrant.