Once again, local repairman takes customers' money, offering excuses before disappearing

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LENEXA, Kan. -- Carla Davis is still unpacking boxes left over from her move to a new home in October.

But it's what happened while preparing her old home for sale that prompted her to call FOX4 Problem Solvers.

"I had a drainage problem in my backyard," Davis said, referring to her old home.

To solve that problem and several other smaller issues inside, she hired Izack Wincapaw, who wanted $2,400 for all the repairs.

"He knew our closing date was October 24," said Davis, who paid him a $750 deposit upfront.

The closing was less than a month away, but Davis said the work seemed to be going well.

Then one day, with tears in his eyes, Wincapaw asked for a favor, Davis said. He wanted the remaining money she owed him for the work to be paid that day. He said his finances were tight, and he needed the money.

Because she had hired Wincapaw several times before for other odd jobs, she thought she could trust him and gave him the balance of the money. That was a mistake.

"A ton and half of gravel never showed up," Davis said.

Plus there was electrical work inside the house that Wincapaw never completed per their contract. She kept texting him: "Where are you?" "Are you going to work today?"

She said Wincapaw always had an excuse. Once it was that both his dogs had to put down.

With her closing just days away, she finally hired two other companies to finish the job. She never heard from Wincapaw again. She estimated he owed her $1,500.

She's not the only one complaining.

"I waited until 6 p.m.," said Ellen Ekause of Blue Springs. "He didn't show up. I waited until 7 p.m. He didn't show up."

In fact, Wincapaw never showed up with the part he said was needed to repair her oven -- although she'd already paid him $293.

"I gave him a check," Ekause said.

That was in late May. As weeks passed and no Wincapaw, Ekause kept texting and calling.

This time his excuse wasn't a dead dog, but a family member who had died. Feeling bad for him, she let another week pass before contacting him again. She said he told her that he had been busy with other clients, but would come by that evening.

Except he didn't.

Both women have demanded refunds, but haven't seen a dime. If only they'd been watching FOX4 Problem Solvers.

Last May we aired a story about a KCK man who had paid Wincapaw $225 for a part needed to repair his refrigerator. After giving Wincapaw the money, the man said he never saw him again.

After our story aired, Wincapaw gave him back most of his money, telling us it was all a misunderstanding. We were hoping Wincapaw would do the right thing again, so we called him.

He told us he had never returned to Ekause home because she had threatened him. She told us the only thing she threatened him with was reporting him to police.

Wincapaw acknowledged that he owed Ekause money and said he would contact her about a refund. He also promised to call Davis, although he disputed the amount of money owed.

Wincapaw also said he's shut down his repair business and is no longer an independent contractor. We're hoping Wincapaw keeps his word and refunds the money he owes. We'll let you know what happens.

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