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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s hard to see anything behind the fence of the Kansas City tow lot where a half dozen police officers have gathered. Police believe there are multiple stolen vehicles stored inside, but they say the tow lot’s owner isn’t cooperating.

“He doesn’t want to show us any records,” said Corporal Nate Bradley with the Missouri Highway Patrol. “We’d like to see some records and just write the vin numbers down.”

Bradley is referring to Jay Bloodworth — owner of Private Party Impound and Lenders Tow.

Bloodworth has been the focus of multiple segments by FOX 4 Problem Solvers. The latest was last November when Bloodworth was allowed to pay restitution in exchange for the dismissal of three felony stolen vehicle charges, according to a spokesman for the Jackson County prosecutor.

After being granted a warrant on Friday, Kansas City Police and the Missouri Highway Patrol scoured Bloodworth’s tow lot on 31st Street near Topping.

They checked vin numbers on the hundreds of cars stored behind the fence and almost immediately got matches with cars that had been reported stolen, including a silver car from a Northland apartment complex and a van.

Bloodworth never showed up at the tow lot while police were there, but one of his drivers told FOX 4 Problem Solvers that the tow lot was operating legally and had done nothing wrong. He said Bloodworth had the documents to prove that every vehicle on the lot had been legally towed and reported to police.

For now the investigation continues. We’ll let you know what happens.