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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Holiday shopping will soon shift into overdrive as millions of people head into stores or online to wrap up Christmas buying. Online shopping is expected to be even higher this year because of supply chain and other issues. That means it’s also the time of year when Amazon, UPS, and FedEx scramble to deliver packages.

You aren’t the only ones waiting on packages to show up on your porch. Thieves are also watching.

C+R Research survey analyzed FBI crime data and found that the percentage of Americans who have personally had a package stolen jumped nearly 20 percent between 2019 and 2020.

CCTV Camera World released its own study on the Rise of Package Theft in America. It also used FBI data and looked at larceny-theft in each state, the crime category that includes package theft. That data found that Missouri ranks 12th and Kansas ranks 19th when it comes to the number of packages stolen from consumers.

That means people in Missouri and Kansas are more likely to have a package stolen than people in at least 30 other states.

There are some things customers can do to keep an eye on deliveries.

CCTV Camera World suggests enabling tracking options and text alerts to get notified when packages are delivered.

Install a porch lockbox or take advantage of garage delivery, if the options are available. The lockbox and garage will generate specific codes for the delivery service. It allows a delivery driver to open the box or garage door once to drop off you package.

If the package is being shipped, consider asking for nondescript packaging so someone driving by won’t know exactly what’s in the package.

Finally, have packages shipped to work, an Amazon Locker, or buy online and pick up in-store, if that’s an option.