KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Alfred Jackson, Jr., the half-brother of legendary music icon Prince, is buried somewhere in Kansas City’s Forest Hill Cemetery. But no one’s sure exactly where.

Nearly three years after his death, there’s still no headstone.

“To come out to Forest Hill and don’t know where my brother is buried at. I have to play the guessing game,” said Bruce Jackson, another slightly less-famous half-brother.

Alfred Jackson, known to family as “Junior” died three years after Prince.

“My brother helped raise Prince, he babysat Prince, they had a close relationship,” Bruce Jackson said.

He inherited one-sixth of Prince’s estate. Family says money was no object in selecting an expensive casket and headstone. They say they paid more than $50,000 up front. Still, Prince’s half-brother lies in an unmarked grave.

“All I have as a marker is the tree behind me, that’s all I have is a tree. That’s sad,” Bruce Jackson said standing near flowers laid in the Air Force veteran’s honor on Memorial Day.

Family have called and gone to the office.

“All I wanted is just a simple answer as to when it would be placed,” his half-sister Venita Jackson-Leverette said.

They say each year they have been given a different reason for delay. First it was COVID-19, then a problem with the picture, now it’s under new management.

The Better Business Bureau lists Stonemor as owners of the property. The same page lists 132 different complaints over the past three years, many also for undelivered headstones. However, an employee at the cemetery office said the property is now owned/managed by Barite FHC LLC, which took over Forest Hill Cemetery last year.

“Patience is running out, we’re on three. I don’t need strike four,” Bruce Jackson said.

“We need closure and a gravestone to put flowers in front,” Jackson-Leverette said.

The normally private family says they never wanted to take the matter public, but now are just desperate for help. They are so upset, they are working to see if they can have the casket dug up from the property to prove the half-brother of Prince was even buried in the casket they purchased.

“With Alfred, me and Prince’s eldest brother being a veteran, serving for this country, that should be enough. It shouldn’t make a matter who we are related to,” Jackson said.

Forest Hill Cemetery declined comment. A sign at the front entrance of the cemetery reads: “Attention all property owners: We are in the process of updating our cemetery records and would appreciate your help. Confirming you arrangements with us is very important. Please stop by our office to verify or update the information we currently have on file. You may also call (816) 523-2114 for an appointment.”