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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — She goes by Stephanie McBath, Stephanie Blaco, Stephanie Robertson and Stephanie Clark. She’s wanted for everything from writing bad checks to forgery to theft. After hiding from police for months, she’s now back behind bars.

Police in Concordia, Mo. arrested her last Saturday at an apartment complex where she was living and working as a manager. Police say they got the tip from two anonymous sources who had seen McBath’s mug shot on a FOX 4 Problem Solvers report and knew exactly where to find her. A neighbor said McBath had been living at the complex for the past month and was surprised to learn she was a fugitive.

“She seemed friendly enough,” the neighbor said.

But others, who’ve done business with McBath, tell FOX 4 she can’t be trusted.

Problem Solvers first learned of McBath a few months ago from two single moms in Kansas City who had given McBath money to rent apartments she was supposedly managing. One woman lost $250 after giving McBath her deposit only to have her disappear. The other lost a $500 deposit.

“That’s all the money I had,” said Ina Gillespie.

Both women tried to report McBath to Kansas City, Mo. Police, but were told it was a civil matter.

However, police in Concordia were more interested in McBath and paid multiple visits to the apartment complex until they found her at home. They arrested her on four outstanding warrants from Missouri.

She is also wanted in Texas. Stephanie McBath is now in the Lafayette County Jail and has become the latest inductee into the FOX 4 Problem Solver Hall of Shame.

Police say McBath’s husband was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He told Problem Solvers that his wife is a good person who’s being unfairly persecuted by FOX 4.