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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The mail wasn’t being delivered to more than a dozen homes on East 83rd Terrace, all because of one neighbor’s dogs.

“They refuse to come out here until she moves or gets rid of the dogs,” said Teri Huffman, referring to the woman who owns the dogs and lives across the street from her.

Multiple letter carriers have reported being threatened by the dogs, which appear to be pit bull/mastiff mixes. According to one neighbor, a letter carrier was bitten, however animal control said it had never received a report of a dog bite.

Since letter carriers weren’t venturing down the street, Huffman was forced for the last month to drive to the post office on Troost Avenue to pick up her mail. Getting there has been a challenge.

“I don’t drive,” said Huffman. “I’m disabled and I use a cane, and so I have to find a ride to the post office.”

She’s not the only neighbor upset. William Johnson said every trip to the post office takes him at least 30 minutes waiting in line to get his mail. He understood, however, why the postal service feared his street.

“My sister is scared of them,” Johnson said. “She runs in the house every time she sees them.”

Neighbors told FOX4 Problem Solvers enough is enough. They want the dogs gone from their street, and complained to the city multiple times.
“She has been talked to by the city, by animal control, by the police,” Huffman said. “The post office has talked to her… and all she says is, ‘I don’t care.’”

That’s why neighbors called Problem Solvers. We tried to talk to the dogs’ owner Jackie LaRue. The conversation didn’t go well.

Problem Solvers called to get her side of the story, but she hung up after saying she was upset we were in the neighborhood. With neighbors still unable to get their mail delivered, Problem Solvers called animal control, which paid yet another visit to LaRue.

Neighbors say this latest visit seems to have a made a difference.  

“They were out here for hours,” said Huffman, referring to animal control. “She had to sign a bunch of papers.”

An animal control spokeswoman told Problem Solvers that Larue promised to be a better dog parent and keep her dogs on a leash and away from letter carriers. Because of that, the post office started delivering mail again.

But the good news comes with a warning for Larue: If her dogs threaten anyone else, the city can take them.