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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — FOX4 Problem Solvers generally make things better when people call to report a problem. But not every problem can be solved and, for some, a call to Problem Solvers could even make it worse.

A case in point is South Mill Street, a road in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas that is collapsing. Every year it gets worse. Neighbors have become so frustrated that more than a year ago they put up a sign begging for help.

Working for you, FOX4 Problem Solvers called officials to get the details on road and find out why it hadn’t been repaired. The news was bleak. We were told an underground spring caused the road to fall apart, and fixing it could reach nearly $2 million. 

The city said it had too many other high-traffic roads to repair before the mounting problems at South Mill Street could be addressed. The city pointed out, however, that the road was still accessible for emergencies by driving around the barriers. 

Here’s the bad news: After our story aired, revealing just how scary that collapsing road is, new barriers were put in place blocking even emergency traffic to the homes near South Mill Street. Now the only people who can use South Mill are the few people who live on it. Everyone else will have to wait until its repaired, but when that will be is anyone’s guess.

Across the state line in Missouri, FOX4 Problem Solvers has good news to report. Remember that nasty abandoned mobile home park off 40 Highway? Neighbors called Problem Solvers five months ago asking for help to get the park, which had become a haven for trash, fires and the homeless, cleaned up. 

Problem Solvers called the city. Kansas City spokesman John Baccala said the city was aware of the problem and was already hard at work trying to solve it. The holdups were legal hurdles to gain control of the property and then to negotiate a contract with a private company to raze and clean the property.

The good news is those hurdles have been overcome. A former dangerous eyesore is now history. What’s next for the property? We’ll keep you posted.